24hr Towing, Roadside & Recovery Salt Lake City, Bountiful & NSL

Towing Salt Lake City & NSL

Since 1968 Intermountain Tow Services has worked hard to be Utah’s highest rated towing company. We are committed to delivering fast, affordable towing and roadside assistance throughout the Salt Lake City metropolitan area. Our flatbed tow trucks and wreckers stand ready 24/7/365 to provide safe and professional quick response towing services when you need them.

To ensure the highest quality of customer service, we have dispatchers available to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 day out of the year. Our team is continually rated the best overall towing service in the area. We will provide you with reliable service you can trust at prices you can afford. Call 801-936-7626 to get Intermountain Tow Service working hard for you.

24hr Local Towing Services

Bountiful & NSL Towing Company

Intermountain Tow Service is a 24hr towing company committed to delivering skilled, safe and affordable local towing services, emergency roadside and 4x4 off-road recovery services throughout our service area. Our tow truck operators are Wreckmaster and Traffic Incident Management (TIM) Certified and have decades of experience, knowledge and skill needed to safely tow your vehicle wherever you are headed. Whatever lies on the road ahead, Intermountain Tow Service wants to get you on your way again. Call us anytime, 24/7, for any towing or roadside service. Our dispatchers and drivers are standing by ready to serve you, so call 801-936-7626.

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South Davis County Towing & Roadside

NSL Towing

Intermountain Tow Service provides 24hr towing, roadside and recovery services in Bountiful, North Salt Lake and throughout Southern Davis County. We have an experienced team of certified towing operators who have local knowledge of the area. Call our 24hr dispatch center at 801-936-7626 to have a truck dispatched to your location.

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Highest Rated SLC Towing Company

Selecting a towing company can be tricky but when you choose Intermountain Tow Service, you’re assured of working with one of the highest rated towing companies in the country. We work hard on every call to exceed our customer’s expectations and stand by our top customer ratings. We’re confident we can make you happy too.

Few enjoy having their car towed but the team at Intermountain Tow Services is committed to making your experience as enjoyable as possible. We use the latest equipment to ensure your vehicle is safely towed to its destination independent of damage. Call the best rated Salt Lake City towing company today at (801) 936-7626.

Trusted Towing Partner

Trusted Towing Service

Intermountain Tow Services of North Salt Lake is trusted by many of the largest service providers in the country and throughout Greater Salt Lake City to provide honest and affordable towing including: AllState Motor club, Cross Country Motor club, Geico Direct Auto Club, Bear River Insurance Towing Support, State Farm Insurance Towing Provider, Progressive Insurance Towing Support, Tunex, Bountiful Collision, The Paint Spot, Higgins Body & Paint, Willy Ford, Family Auto, Haugen Auto, Mudrock Chevrolet Towing, Lifetime Auto, Harrison Imports, Rand Auto Sales, Dave Co, Shane’s Auto, Extreme Auto and Burt Brothers among other partners. Our towing and roadside fees are directly reimbursable by most reputable insurance carriers and road service networks.